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The Unfortunate Man

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The Unfortunate Man

I once had a sweetheart, she said she'd be mine,
Of course I thought she was almost divine;
But another young fellow one day did return,
So she made up her mind to hide me in the churn.

cho: I'm a very unfortunate, a very unfortunate,
     Really, I'm a very unfortunate man.

Her mother then come into the room,
Said she had so much cream she would have to churn it up soon
She poured it right onto me out of the pan,
Which left me indeed an unfortunate man.

If some fair damsel would pity my case,
And think more of my heart than she did of my face,
I would try to maintain her the best that I can,
If she could love an unfortunate man.

From Ozark Folksongs, Randolph
Collected from Laura Wasson, Ark, 1942
DT #651


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