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Among My Souvenirs

Among My Souvenirs

Last week my honeymoon started:
I like a fool took a wife
But after the guests had departed
I took the shock of my life:

Out came her big glass eye
Her false teeth on the sly
She gently placed them down upon the chiffonier.
She then unscrewed her leg
And hung it on a peg
And oh my eyes were filled with many a bitter tear.
Her beautiful golden hair
She hung upon the chair
And what was left of her
Slipped in between the blankets.
I looked at her and said
I am not coming to bed
I'd rather sleep instead
Among my souvenirs...

collected by Karl Dallas in Suffolk. Published in "The Electric Muse".
  (First section sings to After the Ball (cho); second part to
   Among My Souvenirs--RG)


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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