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Universal Pacifist

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Universal Pacifist

He's five foot two and he's six foot four
And he fights with marches and with tears
He's all of sixty-one and he's just fourteen
He's been a pacifist a thousand years

He's a Catholic, a Quaker, and Atheist, a Jew
A Buddhist or whatever he would be
He knows he should be still and he knows he never will
He doesn't have the courage to be free

And he doesn't love Canada, he doesn't love France
He doesn't love the USA
He doesn't love the Russians but he helps them all he can
He thinks he'll put an end to war that way

And he's selling out democracy, he's fighting for the Reds
He says that it is for the peace of all
He's the one who must decide to surrender to the tide
And he never sees the writing on the wall

But without him how could Hitler have ever conquered France
Without him Caesar would have faced a wall
He's the one who sells his soul as the weapon of cold war
And without him freedom's armies would not fail

He's the universal pacifist, his placards all declare
He has no home or love worth fighting for
Without him men could all be free and brothers don't you see
This is not the way to put an end to war

parody of Universal Soldier UNIVSOLD 

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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