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Right Up the Middle

Right Up the Middle
 (Kipper Family)

As I walked out one June morning;
One June morning so early.
Twas there I spied a fair pretty maid,
Just as her skirt was a rising.

With me rhubarb pie,
On the fiddle I,
Right up the middle I go,

Her stocking white her skirt was tight,
Her suspenders shone like silver.
She had a dark and a rolling eye,
And another one quite similar.

How old are you my fair pretty maid,
How old are you my honey?
I know you sort was her retort,
And I'm not sixteen till Sunday.

Will you take a man my fair pretty maid,
Will you take a man my honey bright?
She answered me most cheerfully,
I dare not but my mommy might.

So I went down to her mommy's house,
Were a red light shone so clearly.
But the girl come down and she let me in,
And I laid in her arms till the morning.

Oh soldier will you marry me,
For I will have no one else.
Oh no said I that just can not be,
For I'm not sixteen myself.

Copyright Dambuster Records

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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