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Veal Life Blues

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Veal Life Blues
(Mark Graham)

Come all you gourmet diners who use the fork and knife
To eat your tasty portions far from sorrow, pain and strife,
Life to you may seem so pleasant as you stroll from meal to meal
But it surely is no bargain when you're born a hapless veal.

My troubles started early, I was at a tender age
They took me from my mother and my favorite beverage
The was naught to drink but goat's milk, a cruel and foul brew
There'd be no grass, no corn for me, no cud for me to chew.

The time it passed most heedlessly, for no daylight could I see
I knew neither joy nor sorrow, just boredom and ennui.
While my friends were outside playing all out in the grass and dirt
I was confined all by myself and forced to lie inert.

And then that awful hour came and I was forced to stand
And meet my awful destiny all at the butcher's hand.
And when the job was finished and my life was past and gone
I was a mere ingredient in some lousy parmiagan'.

So now you've heard my story and pray heed my advice
Shun those extra portions, get you some exercise
For if you're fat and tender, with a good taste through and through
Upon somebody's menu, there's always room for you.

Copyright Mark Graham 1985

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