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Virgin Sturgeon (3)

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Virgin Sturgeon (3)

Caviar comes from virgin sturgeon
Virgin sturgeon's a mighty fine fish
Virgin sturgeon needs no urgin'
That's why caviar is my dish!

Shad roe comes from scarlet shad fish
Shad fish have a very sad fate
Pregnant shad fish is a sad fish
Got that way without a mate!

Mrs. Clam is optimistic
Shoots her eggs out in the sea
Hopes her suitor is a shooter
Hits the selfsame spot as she!

The green sea-turtle's mate is happy
With her lover's winning ways
First he grips her with his flipper
Then they flip for days and days!

I fed caviar to my Lady
She was a virgin tried and true
Now that virgin needs no urgin'
Now there's nothin' she won't do!

I fed caviar to my rooster
I fed caviar to my cow,
Now the barnyard sure looks funny:
All the cows have feathers now!

The oyster's a prolific bivalve
Keeps its' innards in its' shell,
How they diddle is a riddle,
But they do, so wotthehell!

The trout is just a little salmon,
Just half-grown, and minus scales,
But the trout, just like the salmon
Can't get on without his tail!

Give a thought to the happy codfish
Always there when duty calls,
Female cod fish is an odd fish
From her come your cod fish balls!

A lucky fish is the common starfish
When for offspring they essay;
Yes, me hearties, they have parties
In the good old fashioned way!

I fed caviar to my grandpa
He was a man of ninety-three
Shouts and screams were heard from grandma
As he chased her up a tree!

Every living thing will do it
Without making lots of fuss
When they do it, they don't rue it,
So my darlin', why not us?

tune: Reuben, Reuben

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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