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The Vermont Boys in Gardner

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The Vermont Boys in Gardner

The boys from Vermont to Gardner did go,
In search of a job, as you very well know.
With no clothes on their backs, in their pockets no bills,
They called them the scamps from the Green Mountain hills.

     So don't go I pray, but stay if you can.
     Don't leave old Vermont, your dear native land.
     You'll go down to Gardner to work in those mills.
     They'll call you the scamps from the Green Mountain hills

There's old  Mouthy Fuller, whom you very well know,
Went down to Gardner to make a big show.
He stayed there all night till the racket got hot
And he picked up his valise and got for Vermont.

A local parody of Dreary Black Hills. There was a fair amount of
labor trouble at the Gardner, Mass. mills: probably should read
"scab" for "scamp".
From New Green Mountain Songster, Flanders et al.
collected from Charles Wade, Wallingford, VT


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