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Wait for the Tide

Wait for the Tide
(Mark Cohen)

      Wait for the tide
      Then you can cross the river
      G                          Am
      Soon you'll return to your home by the sea
      I know the tide
      Sometimes seems to take forever
      But if you wait
                   C6                  C      (Cmaj7)   G
      The time and tide will take you where you want to be
G                  Am
There is a river, running to the ocean
Bm                         C
Under spruce and cedar, the copper waters glide
G                        Am
There is a cabin on the far side of that river
C               Cm               G
If you want to get there you must wait for the tide   (CHORUS)

Cities make you hurry, rushing down the highway
Looking for a thrill, or a higher hill to climb
Living on the island, you find another rhythm
The rocky shore your highway, the tide your only time    (CHORUS)

Waking in the morning, you hear the ocean breathing
Seabirds floating on the swells are calling you outside
A purple starfish glistens on a rock beside the water
Patiently it waits for the coming of the tide     (CHORUS)
Some say time's a river, flowing ever onward
Each moment like a flower that blossomed once and died
But the ocean tells a story that returns to its beginning
Time's an endless circle, so says the tide   (CHORUS)

Copyright Mark Cohen 1987

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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