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Waly Waly (Jamie Douglas)

Waly Waly (Jamie Douglas)

Oh, waly, waly up the bank and waly, waly down the brae
And waly, waly yon burnside where I and my love used to gae
I was a lady of high renown as lived in the North country
I was a lady of high renown when Jamie Douglas loved me

When we came in by Glasgow town, we were a comely sight to see
My lord was clad in green velvet and I myself in cramasie
And when my eldest son was born and set upon the nurse's knee
I was the happiest woman born and my good lord, he loved me

There came a man into this house and Jamie Lockhart was his name
And it was told to my good lord that I was in bed with him
In the morning I arose, my bonnie palace for to see
I came unto my lord's roomdoor, but ne'er a word would he speak
  with me

Come up, come up, now Jamie Douglas, come up the stair and dine
  with me
I'll set you on a chair of gold and court you kindly on my knee
When cockleshells grow silver bells and fishes fly from tree to
When frost and snow turn fiery beams, then I'll come up and dine
  with thee

O had I wist before I kissed that love had been so ill to win
I'd locked my heart in a case of gold and pinned it with a silver
You thought that I was like yourself and loving each one I did
But here I swear by the heavens clear, I never loved a man but

Tis not the frost that freezes fell, nor blowing snow's
Tis not such cold that makes me cry, but my love's heart grown
  cold to me
O waly, waly, but love is bonnie, a little while when it is new
But love grows old and waxes cold and fades away like morning dew

believed to be part of child 204 Jamie Douglas
relates to end of marriage of lady Barbara Erskine and Lord
Douglas in 1681.
Child #204

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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