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Belly Wassail

Belly Wassail

I wish you a merry Christmas, And a Happy New Year
 With a pocket full of apples and a Belly full of beer

 Chorus: Moorzeal, Moorzeal Moorzeal Moorzeal

 The Mistress and master sitting down by the fire
 While we poor jolly sailor-boys are walking in the mire

 In comes I little man Jack
 With my wife upon my back

 In comes I old Beelzebub,
 On my shoulder I carry a club

 The mistress and master they won't give a fig
 But set down by the fire and grunt like a pig

 A-wersey, A-wersey
 Joy come home with Johnny Wersey

 -First verse is from Folk Songs From Somerset, Fourth Series as
an opening to a New Year Card.,  The verse with little man jack
comes from a Penponds singer and was part of a St. George play.
The last verse is from Cornwall. Source: Sung by Mrs. Woolcock,
Park Road, Camborne,  June 30, 1926., Noted by J. Miners and J.E. Thomas,
 Journal of the Folk Song Society 8 1927-31 #33 Dec. 1929.pp.123-124.


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