Digital Tradition Mirror


(Roger Watson)

1.  At five o'clock on a Sunday neet,
    There's a man comes walkin' down our street,
    You may hear him out in front of the row,.
    Crying, "Tuppence a basket, watercress-O!"

cho:      Watercress-o, watercress-o

Crying, "tuppence a basket, watercress-o!"

2.  "Oh, come on, mam, it's time for tea -
    Go and get tuppence and give it to me
    That I may go out in front of the row
    And fetch a little basket of watercress-o"

3.  Oh, kid, you don't know what you're asking of me -
    If I'd got tuppence, I'd be sure to give it thee,
    So thou could go out in front of the row,
    And fetch a little basket of watercress-o.

4.  Our dad's on strike, kid, can't you see?
    He scarce brings home enough to feed us wi',
    And though it pains me to tell you 'no',
    You'll have to do without your watercress-o.

5.  We're all in the union down our street,
    So maybe he won't come back another week,
    For till the strike is over, he might as well know,
    He'll not sell much of his watercress-o."

6.  Repeat verse 1.

recorded by Young Tradition.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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