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Wave Over Wave

Wave Over Wave
(Jim Payne)

Me name's Able Rogers, a shareman am I
On a three-masted schooner from Twillingate Isle
I've been the world over, north, south, east, and west
But the middle of nowhere's where I like it best

    Where it's wave over wave, sea over bow
    I'm as happy a man as the sea will allow
    There's no other life for a sailor like me
    But to sail the salt sea, boys, sail the sea
    There's no other life but to sail the salt sea

The work it is hard and the hours are long
My spirit is willing, my back it is strong
And when the work's over then whiskey we'll pour
We'll dance with the girls upon some foreign shore

I'd leave my wife lonely ten months of the year
She made me a home and raised my children dear
But she'd never come out to bid farewell to me
Or ken why a sailor must sail the salt sea

I've sailed the wide oceans four decades or more
And ofttimes I've wondered what I do it for
I don't know the answer, it's pleasure and pain
With life to live over, I'd do it again

From the collection of Andrew Draskoy,

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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