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Weaving and Quilting

Weaving and Quilting
(Linda Allen)

(1st voice:) My grandmother's hands wove the cedar and bear grass
Into this fine basket I hold in my hands,
To hold bitter roots, camas, fern, tiger lily,
Blackberries, cranberries - gifts from the land.

My great-grandma Towsalee passed on her knowledge
To her daughter Sally - she was only six then:
Our tribe's own designs such as Salmon Gill, Trail of Eel,
Flowers for women, and deer for the men.

(2nd voice:) My grandmother's hands worked with bright colored fabrics
Taken from dresses I wore long ago.
With strong cotton thread and the finest of needles,
Weaving my memories in patterns she'd sew.

My great-grandma Eleanor passed on her knowledge
To her daughter Susan when she was just nine:
Lone Star, Log Cabin, the sweet Rose of Sharon,
Basket, Medallion - her favorite designs.

(Chorus, round, both voices:) Salmon Gill, Trail of Eel, Flowers, and Deer,
Bringing the lives of our ancestors near.
Lone Star, Log Cabin, Basket design,
Weaving and Quilting, our stories entwine.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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