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Weekend Entertainer

Weekend Entertainer
(Kevin Becker)

1. How've you been my only son?
   How are you today?
   How've you been treating your mother
   All the time I've been away?
   How've you been doing with your school work?
   How've you been at home?
   Wish I had just five more minutes
   So I wouldn't be so alone

CHO:     I'm not the weekend entertainer
         No, no, no, no, no
         I just want to love you more
         And every day watch you grow

2. I'll bet you can't remember
   You were very small
   I'd come home from a day of work
   Play catch or hit a ball
   That's when we were united
   Till the ugly tears and scars
   And we'd all be at the supper table
   Me and you and your Ma

3. Well I guess I'll be a leavin' now
   It's getting kind of late
   Take the flashlight to the door
   I'll watch here from the gate
   So long, it's been a good old time
   I'll see you the next time you're free
   Tell your Ma you were well behaved
   And say hello for me

copyright Kevin Becker

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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