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There Was a Wee Bit Mousikie

There Was a Wee Bit Mousikie

     There was a wee bit mousikie,
       That lived in Gilberaty, O,
     It couldna get a bite o' cheese,
       For cheetie-poussie-cattie, O.
     It said unto the cheesikie:
       "O fain wad I be at ye, O,
     If it were na for the cruel paws
       O' cheetie-poussie-cattie, O."

     Chambers PRS (1847), 183; (1870), 26 (tune indicated,
     Green grow the Rashes, O); MacLennan SNR (1909), 23;
     Montgomerie SNR (1946), 42 (no. 29).  NAE (1932), 2 [1.3,
     2.1, She]. With music in Moffat 50 TSNR (1933), 19.

Filename[ WEEMOUSI

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