Digital Tradition Mirror


(Bruce Phillips)

Why is everybody laughin'?
Weepy doesn' know
He jus' stan's there grinnin'
I guess he's kinda' slow
But Weepy don' get sore
Seems like he asks for more
Look at all them broken dishes
On the floor.

Weepy don' do nuthin'
There's nuthin' he can do
Sometimes he takes all mornin'
Jus' t' find his other shoe
An' hey goddammit, Sid
Lay off the poor dumb kid
C'mon Weep, I'll show ya'
Where it's hid.

He's so damned good natured
Jus' laughs an' takes his lumps
You never see him angry
'cept when he's croakin' gumps*
But that's no big surprise
It's right there in his eyes
Looks like Weepy's found him
Sumthin' more his size.

Jus' like all these dishes
There's sumthin' in him broke
Don't guess we mean to hurt him
When we play our little joke
But the social workers say
He may have to go away
You ask him
I'll bet he'd like to stay.

(* "gump" is hobo slang for "chicken")
Copyright Strike Music

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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