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There Was a Wee Bit Poussie

There Was a Wee Bit Poussie

     There was a wee bit poussie,
       Wha lived alane, wha lived alane;
     She had a wee bit hoosie
       Was made o' stane, was made o' stane;
     She cleaned it out baith but and ben
       A' on her knees, a' on her knees,
     And there she fand a mousie,
       A-nibblin' cheese, a-nibblin' cheese.

     She says, Come out, wee mousie,
       And ye shall see, and ye shall see,
     A bonnie wee bit housie
       I've built for thee, I've built for thee.
     Na na, ma nestie is owre dear,
       For though 'tis sma', for though 'tis sma',
     I think I'll bide masel right here,
       Ye'd eat me a', ye'd eat me a'.

     Coll. by M.S., Newbattle, 1973; 2.5-8 are conjectural
     only: recited by informant's grandmother, Perthshire, c.
     1915, and attributed to a rhymer named Dougal Rae.

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