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Wee Weaver

Wee Weaver

I am a wee weaver confined to my loom
My love she is fair as the red rose in June
She's loved by all young men and that does grieve me
My heart's in the purse of my lovely Mary

As Willie and Mary rode by yon shady bower
Where Willie and Mary spent many a happy hour
Where the thrush and the blackbird do constantly call
The praises of Mary round Loch Garrin's shore

As Willie and Mary rode by yon river side
Said Willie to Mary: "Will you be my bride ?"
This couple got married and they rode no more
Their pleasures and treasures round Loch Garrin's shore

recorded by Steeleye Span on "Ten Man Mop" (1971)
Steeleye's liner notes are: "A patchwork fragment...Paddy be
easy, Brigid be calm...a roll-up, a drink and a conference...
Maddy and a shawl - Silas Marner crouched at work"
These cryptic lines are all I know about the song, but it seems
definitely to be a patchwork fragment, as the verses don't really
fit together and seem to be somewhat incomplete. MJ


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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