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The Wee Wee Man

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The Wee Wee Man

'Twas down by Carterhaugh, father
Between the water and the wa'
There I met with a wee wee man
And he was the least that ever I saw.

His length was scarce a finger's length
And thick and nimble was his knee
Between his eyes a flea could go
Between his shoulders inches three.

cho: His beard was long and white as a swan
     His robe was neither green nor grey
     He clapped his hands, down came the mist
     And he sank and he sainted clean away.

He's lifted up a stone, six feet in height
And flung it farther than I could see
And though I'd been a-trying bold
I'd never had lifted it to my knee.

"Wee wee man, that thou art strong,
Tell me where thy dwelling be" -
"It's down beneath yon bonny green bower
Though you must come with me and see."

We roved on and we sped on
Until we came to a bonny green ha'
The room was made of the beaten gold
And pure as crystal was the gla'.

There were pipers playing on every spare
And ladies dancing in glistering green
He clapped his hands, down came the mist
And the man in the ha' no more was seen.

cho: (2x)

recorded by Steeleye Span on "Parcel Of Rogues" (1973)

Child #38

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