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There Was a Wee Wifie

There Was a Wee Wifie

     There was a wee wifie row't up in a blanket,
       Nineteen times as hie as the moon;
     And what she did there I canna declare,
       For in her oxter she bure the sun.

     "Wee wifie, wee wifie, wee wifie," quo' I,
       "O what are ye doin' up there sae hie?"
     "I'm blawin' the cauld cluds out o' the sky."
       "Weel dune, weel dune, wee wifie!" quo' I.

     Chambers PRS (1847), 193; (1870), 34 (indicated tune,
     The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow, q.v.); Ford CR 28,
     Montgomerie SNR 100; MacLennan SNR (1909), 21 [4
     carried].  See ODNR 433 (no. 545), first ref. Mother
     Goose's Melody, c. 1765.  Slightly anglicised in Moffat
     TSNR (1933), 2 (with music): 1.4 But under her arm she
     carried the sun.

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