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The Bonny Wee Window

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The Bonny Wee Window

Now there was a young lass and her name it was Nell
In a snug little cot wi' her granny did dwell
Now the hoose was bit wee and the window was less
It had but four lozens and yin wanted gless

cho: 'Twas a bonny wee window, the handsome wee window
     The bonniest wee window that ever I saw.

Now it happened one night, Granny went to her bed
And Johnny, the blithest young lad that Nell had
Came ower the hill, his true-love to see
In under the window right planted got he
     At the etc.

Now the twa lovers hadna got very much said
When Granny cries : Nelly, come unto your bed
I'm comin', dear Granny, young Nelly did say
So, fare thee well, Johnny, come back the next day
     To the etc.

Now Nelly, dear Nelly, dinna tak it amiss
Before I gang away you maun grant me a kiss
So to get a bit kiss, Johnny put his heid through
For what wouldna love make a fond lover do?
     At the etc.

It's twa kisses got Johnny and sweet were the smacks
But for his dear life could he get his heid back
He wrugg-ed, he tugg-ed, hc bawled and he bang
When Nelly's loud laughter all through the hoose rang
     At the etc.

Granny she heard the noise, jumped oot on the floor
And seizin' the poker made away for the door
And at poor Johnny's back sic a thump she laid on
Another like that would have broke his back-bone
     At the etc.

Johnny, reekin' wi' heat and smartened with pain
He wrugg-ed, he tugg-ed with might and wi' main
Till the lintels gaed wa' and the window did break
But, O, the best half o't stuck fast to his neck
     'Twas a etc.

From Folksongs of Britain and and Ireland, Kennedy
Collected from John Goodfellow, 1954
DT #479
Laws O18

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