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Wha'll Be King But Charlie?

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Wha'll Be King But Charlie?

The news from Moidart came yestreen
Will soon gar many fairly
For ships of war have just come in
And landed Royal Charlie

cho: Come through the heather, around him gather
     You're all the welcomer early
     Around him cling with all your kin
     For wha'll be King but Charlie

The Highland clans with sword in hand
From John o' Groats to Airlie
Have to a man declared to stand
or fall for Royal Charlie

The lowlands all both great and small
With many's the Lord and Laird have
Declared for Scotia's King and Law
And wha'd ye think but Charlie

There's ne'er a lass in all the land
But vows both late and early
The man she'd ne'er give heart nor hand
What wouldna' fecht for Charlie

Then here's a health to Charlie's cause
And be't complete and early
His very name our heart's blood warms
To arms for Royal Charlie

Final Chorus:
Come through the heather, aroond him gather
Come Ronald, come Donald, come all together
Declare him rightful, lawful King
For wha'll be King but Charlie

Note: as printed in a songbook put out by a Scottish group called
     The Corries.  They call it "News from Moidart" after the first
     line in the song, but it's the same song.  You need to sing it
     with a heavy Scots accent to get all of the rhymes correct, but
     here it is. JY

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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