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Wha's Fu'?

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Wha's Fu'?

I saw a sparrow pu' a barrow
     Wha's fu'? Wha's fu'?
I saw a sparrow pu' a barrow
     Wha's fu' noo?
I saw a sparrow pu' a barrow
An' a lintie draw a harrow;
     And ye're a' blin' drunk a-gain, But I'm jolly fu'.

I saw a louse chase a mouse
Around the riggin' o' a house.

I saw the man in the moon,
Driving tackets in his shoon.

l saw an eel chase the deil
Roon aboot the spinnin' wheel.

Note see also Hurrah, Lie! and Who's the Fool Now or Martin Said to His Man
From the Scottish Folksinger, Buchan and Hall

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