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I Wonder Where's the Gambler

I Wonder Where's the Gambler

Wasn't it a pity and wasn't it sad?
The mother of a gambler lost the only son she had,
He gambled all night long till about the break of day;
He took a pain around his heart and threw his cards away.

CHO:  I wonder where's the gambler and I wonder where he's gone (2)

He gambled all night long and about the break of day,
A 38 revolver fired to take his life away
They sent for his father and relations to come and carry him home,
For the bullet shot through his body wouldn't let him go alone.

They carried him a little distance, he said, "Lay me down to rest;
The aching pains through my body I can hardly get my breath."
They carried him home carefully and laid him on the bed,
He called for a pan of water to bind his aching head.

Come, mother, take my testimony; take it before I die,
And place it in the gamblers' hall, where all may read and people cry;
It was about the hour of midnight, near the hour of twelve,
When he said, "It's time for the little black train to come take a gambler down
to hell."

DT #829
Laws H22
From Henry, Songs Sung

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