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Whiskey Johnny

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Whiskey Johnny

Whiskey is the life of man
     Whiskey, Johnny!
I'll drink whiskey while I can
     Whiskey for my Johnny!

Oh whiskey straight and whiskey strong,
Give me some whiskey and I'll sing you a song

O whiskey makes me wear old clo'es,
Whiskey gave me a broken nose.

Whiskey killed my poor old dad,
Whiskey druv my mother mad.

If whiskey comes too near my nose,
I tip it up and down she goes.

I had a girl, her name was Lize,
She puts whiskey in her pies.

My wife and I can not agree;
She puts whiskey in her tea.

Here comes the cook with the whiskey can,
A glass of grog for every man.

A glass of grog for every man,
And a bottle full for the shantyman

From Roll and Go, Colcord

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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