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When First Into This Country

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When First Into This Country

When first into this country a stranger I came
There was no one that knew me or asked me my name
I came into this country to tarry for a while
And to leave my dear jewels alone on that isle

A story has been reported as you may have been told
Of three pretty maids from my country I stole
But thievery and robbery oh that I do defy
But these three pretty fair maids I never will deny

The first was pretty Betsy although she was poor
The next was lovely Nancy'the maid I adore
The other was black-eyed Susan the girl of my delight
And I'll roll her in my arms on a cold winter night

Her eyes were like two diamonds so bright and so clear
Her cheeks were like the roses the first of the year
Though her cheeks they have been faded this past summer
And I fear she's in love with some other young man

I never never knew what it was to be a slave
Till both my parents were dead and laid in their graves
When I was bound apprentice for more than seven long years
My master and my mistress were cruel and severe

My mistress scarce ever spoke a kind word to me
Which caused my mind to wander like waves on the sea
But now I've regained my liberty I'll return to the girl I like
And I'll roll her in my arms on the cold winter nights

Now I am married I live at my ease
I go when I like and I come when I please
I married pretty Susan for she is the girl that I like
And I fold her in my arms on a cold winter night

From Songs the Whalemen Sang, Huntington
Collected from the journal of the Cortes, 1847

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