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When I'm Prime Minister

When I'm Prime Minister
(Richard Thompson)

Mister, mister, mister, I'm just an urching lad
Me sentiments are noble, it's me manners that are bad
When I tried to do you favours and your shover runs me down
Don't expect me to forget you when my turn comes around

Ch:     When I'm Prime Minister
        And official duty calls
        I'll have me heavy ????
        When I kick you in the balls
        I'll screw your daughter, fuck your wife
        And when I'm through with her
        You'll wish you'd never tangled
        With the next Prime Minister

Mister, mister, mister, I'm a reasonable lout
Don't push me out the window when you want me to get out
I'm a simple-minded fellow, so don't hand me rubber checks
Or I'll become a politician just to break your neck


Mister, mister, mister, you're treading on thin ice
Upset me and the consequences won't be very nice
You think you're such a big man but you'll feel very small
When I have sixty million people at my back and call.


performed live by Richard Thompson in Durham 1972, but never
officially recorded. MJ
Copyright Warlock Music


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