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When I Was a Young Man

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When I Was a Young Man

1. When I was a young man I lived easy,
    Oh the pleasure which I did see;
    I married me a wife, she prov'd to me unkindly
    Oh unkindly she prov'd to be.
    At length I became a Servant unto her,
    To milk her Cows and black her Shoes.
       Women's ways the world cannot please them
       A poor man's labour is never done.

2. The very first year that I was married
    I scarce could get one half nights sleep;
    With her heals (sic) she pealed my shins
    Till the blood ran trickling dowin my feet
    She rob'd me of my bed, she rob'd me of my blanket
    Away then I was oblig'd for to run; '
       Women's ways &c.

3. The second year that I was married,
     She bore me a lovely son;
     She sat me down to rock the cradle,
     And then to learn me for to sing.
     Sing loloby, loloby, loloby baby,
     Loloby loloby this I sing;
         Women's ways &c.

4.  Thus bespoke his good old mother,
      As she sat weeping all alone;
     Saying son their's (sic) women plenty.
     And why should you be ti'd to one?
     Take the second one and try her,
     If she no better be;
     Take the third, the fourth, & the fifth one
     Then your troubles will all be free.

5. Come all young men that's mind for to marry:
     Be sure that you get a loving wife;
     Do not marry my wive's (sic) sister,
     For she'll torment you all your life.
     Neither wed the old woman's daughter,
     For she'll torment you for ever more;
     Take from me my wife and welcome,
     And then my troubles will all be o'er

From Contentment, Douglas
See also Rockin' the Cradle

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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