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Whoa Back Buck (2)

Whoa Back Buck (2)
(Huddie Ledbetter)

1 Tom done buck and Bill won't pull,
  Papa gonna cut that other little bull.
  Whoa back. Buck, an' gee, by the Lamb!
  Who made the back-band? Whoa, goddam !
  Whoa, Buck, an' gee, by the Lamb!
  Who made the back-band? Whoa, goddam!
  Whoa, goddam, an'-a whoa, goddam!
  Who made the back-band? Whoa, goddam!

2 Eighteen, nineteen, twenty years ago,
  I taken Sal to the party-o,
  I taken Sal to the party-o,
  Wouldn' let her dance but a set or so.  (CHO.)

3 Me an' my gal come walkin' down the road,
  Wind from her feet knockin' Sugar in the Gourd.
  Sugar in the gourd and the gourd on the ground,
  Want to get the sugar gotta roll the gourd around.  (CHO.)

4.Chicken in the bread-tray, mighty good stuff,
  Mama cook him chicken an' he never get enough,
  Jawbone eat an'-a jawbone talk,
  Jawbone eat with a knife an' fawk.  (CHO.)

In Alan Lomax's Folk songs of North America, he says, "This is Lead Belly's vari
ant of a Negro ploughman's song, which occasionally satirizes the poor whites; k
nown from Texas to Miss." He lists it as Negro Folk Songs as Sung by Lead Belly,
 copyright 1936.

     This man was drivin' twenty yokes of oxen. He was a long ways from home an'
 it was a slow, drizzlin' rain and the man was cold.  He was tryin' to git his o
xens to hurry up a little faster, so ev'y once in a while he'd cut down on um-TI
-YOW! he'd pop that long blacksnake whip. But you know about how much speed oxen
 has got. 'Stead of them gettin' faster, they was speedin' up slower . . .


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