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Who Shall Rule This American Nation?

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Who Shall Rule This American Nation?
(Henry Clay Work)

Who shall rule this American nation? Say, boys, say!
Who shall sit in the loftiest station? Say, boys, say!
     Shall the man who trampled on the banner?
     They who now their country would betray?
They who murder the innocent freed men? Say, boys, say!

cho: No never! no, never! The loyal millions say;
     And 'tis they who rule this American nation, They, boys, they!

Who shall rank as the family royal? Say, boys, say!
If not those who are honest and loyal? Say, boys, say!
     Then shall one elected as our servant
     In his pride, assume a regal way?
Must we bend to the human dictator? Say, boys, say!

Shall we tarnish our national glory? Say, boys, say!
Blot one line from the wonderful story? Say, boys, say!
     Did we vainly shed our blood in battle?
     Did our troops resultless win the day?
Was our time and our treasure all squander'd? Say, boys, say!

From Songs of Henry Clay Work, Work

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