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Oh, What a Face!

Oh, What a Face!

He carries her picture in his pocket,
'Twas taken the day he went to sea
He carries her picture in his locket
Tho' she is as ugly as can be.

cho: Oh what a face
     It's a disgrace
     To be showing it in any public place.

One morning he took her to a pigfarm
He told her to wait down by the rail
But when he returned he couldn't find her
The farmer had put her up for sale.

She went to a beautician in the city
Who was known from New York to Gay Paree
When she asked him if he could make her pretty
He recommended plastic surgery.

To the zoo one day she went to seek some comfort
Determined to stand for no abuse
But as she entered people just went crazy
They all thought a beast had broken loose.

The humiliation finally did kill her
And you'd think that her death would end the curse
But there around the grave where she is buried
The daisies all have faces just like hers.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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