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Why Should I Be Lonely

Why Should I Be Lonely

Bob Pfeffer
SOURCE'S SOURCE: Jimmy Rodgers, REC: The Short but Brilliant Life of Jimmy
                 Rodgers (RCA LPM-2634)

        G        A
Oh the moonlight so bright makes me lonely tonight
       D                         G
Everything seems to make me feel blue, dear
      G                     A
I am downhearted now, I am lonesome somehow
        D7                 G
'Cause you are proving untrue.

            G           E     A        D              G  G7
CHORUS:   Why should I be so lonely, why should I be sad
                   C         c6
G E    A                  D

Though another is taking from me the best pal I've ever had
a7       e      G7 C            B7       E

She's taking the sunshine with her, leaving the clouds for me
                C           C+    G   e           A             D

But why should I be so lonesome when there's nobody lonesome for
Oh the violets so blue are calling for you
The roses so sweet make me lonely
They bring to my mind the sweet happy time
When your love was only for me....

Odle ay-ee-o, d'lay-ee-ay, d'lay-ee.


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