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Wild Bill Jones (2)

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Wild Bill Jones (2)

It's one day when I was a rambling around,
I met up with wild Bill Jones.
It's walking and talking with my Lulu girl,
She bid me for to leave her alone.
I says that my age is twenty-three,
Too old for to be controlled.
I drew my revolver from my side,
And destroyed that poor boy's soul.

He reeled and he staggered, he fell to the ground
He gave one dying groan.
He cast his eyes on his Lulu girl's face,
Says: "Darling, you're left alone."
If I'd have listened to what mamma said,
At home I'd have been today,
'Stead of being in this old jail
Wearing my life away.

Pass your jugs and your bottles all around,
Let's get on the spree,
For today's the last of wild Bill Jones,
Tomorrow'll be the last of me
When I am dead and in my coffin,
Pretty girls all crowded around,
Push back my coffin lid,
See the last of wild Bill Jones.

From English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians, Sharp
Collected from Miss Viney Norton, NC 1916
note: a version with an identity conflict. RG

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