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Willie the Weeper

Willie the Weeper

Did you ever hear the story of Willie the Weeper?
He had a job as a chimney sweeper,
He had the habit, and he had it bad.
Listen, while I tell you 'bout the dream had.


Teet tee dee dee   x2
Toot too do do do  x2
Yah da da de da    x2
Yah yah yah        x2

He went to a hop-house the other night
Where the lights were always shining bright.
Guess he smoked a dozen pills or more;
When he woke, 'twas on a foreign shore.

The Queen of Sheba was the first he met,
She called him her darlin' and her lovin' pet.
She gave him a fancy automobile
With a diamond headlight and a golden wheel.

He landed with a splash, in the river Nile
A'ridin' a sea-goin' crocodile.
He winked at Cleopatra, she said "Aint he a sight!
How about a date for next Saturday night?"

He went to Monte Carlo, where he played roulette
He couldn't lose a penny, and he won every bet.
He played and he played 'till the bank went broke
Then he turned around, and took another smoke.

He went off to Turkey, by special request,
He stayed 7 years, as the sultan's guest
But when he got in with that harem crew
What was a poor fellah like Willie to do?

He had a million cattle  and a million sheep.
He had a million vessels on the ocean deep.
He had a million dollars, all in nickles and dimes...
Well he knew it 'cause he'd counted  them a million times.

He landed in New York, one evening late
He asked his sugar to make a late date.
He started to kiss her, then he made her pout,bang,bing...the dope gave out.

Now this is the story of Willie the Weeper
He's got a job as a chimney sweeper.
Some day a pill too many he'll take
And dreaming he's dead, he'll forget to wake.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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