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Willie the Weeper 2

Willie the Weeper 2

He rolled and he smoked about a million pills
He figured it'd cure all his aches and ills.
It wasn't long until he fell asleep
And dreamed he was sailing on the ocean deep.

He played draw poker as he left the land
And won a million dollars on the very first hand.
He played and he played, until the crew went broke...
Then, he turned around and took another smoke.

He played 'till he came to the land of Siam
He rubbed his eyes and said "I wonder where I am"
Played craps with the King, and won a million more,
Then left for Monte Carlo when the King got sore.

He played gin rummy with the Shah of Iran
He busted the Shah with the very first han'
And when he looked around, and everybody was broke
He bought a million dollars worth of hop to smoke.

Down in Honolulu, Willie fell in a trance
Watching the beauties do a hula dance.
His sweety got in jail, and Willie sure did shout
When he got the news that she had wriggled out.

He bought an ocean liner, all his own,
He loaded it with money, and he started to roam.
He said he'd let it go until it wanted to stop
While  he counts his money and he smokes his hop.

Then he went to Paris to buy all the wine
For a whole carload he paid a measly dime.
He bought a ruby bush and a diamond tree
And a whole lot of friends to keep him company.

One day while Willie took a quiet smoke
The ship struck a rock and Willie awoke
His money was gone and his dream was oer
Now he's sweeping chimneys, like he was before.

Around a  lay-out table, a pair of hop-fiends lay
Listen, and I'll tell you what they had to say...
Tales of money they were goin' to make...
And the faro-banks they were goin' to break.

Oh Willie was the biggest  dreamer of them all..
Dreamin' that the world was at his beck and call.
When he had smoked a dozen pills or more
He dreamed he was living on a foreign shore.

Hootenanny Tonight  (with minor scansion-producing alterations by E.L)

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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