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Will the Weaver (4)

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Will the Weaver (4)

He went home in a mighty wonder
Knocking at the door like thunder
Who is this? P Will replied
It is my husband, you must hide.

Yes, my lord, I'll tell you soon
Yes, my lord, I'll tell you soon
Saw your wife at noon
Saw your wife at noon

'Twas young Will the Weaver,
So merrily they did sit together.
I saw them siting in your door;
They went in the house and I saw no more.

He went home in a mighty wonder,
Knocking at the door like thunder.
Who is this? O Will replied.
It is my husband, yon must hide.

Yes, my lord, now I'm taken,
It's time to save my bacon.
Up the chimney he did get,
And on the lover pole did sit.

Where have you been, my dear beloved
Spending all your gold and treasure?
Me, poor girl, stay at home by myself
To weep and mourn.

Now hush up, you false deceiver
Where is young Will the Weaver?
Go fetch me beer, for I am dry.
O this her husband did reply

While the beer she was fetching,
He was all around a-searching;
Searched the room and kitchen round,
But no Will could there be found.

And while the beer he was drinking,
He was at the chimney peeping.
There he spied the wicked soul
Screeched upon the lover pole.

Now, my lord, now I've found you,
I'll neither kill nor wound you.
But this he thought and nothing spoke.
But I'll give you hell of smoke.

And he roused him a mighty fire,
This to please his heart's desire.
Will began to cough and sneeze;
He sat there at little ease.

She cried out, "My duck and dear,
   -     '     -     -     -     -     -
Since I've been your lawful wife,
Take Will down and spare his life.

From the lover pole he took him.
Here he lay and there he shook him.
Will cried out: "Without a joke,
I'll come no more to stop your smoke."

You never saw a chimney-sweeper
Half so black as Will the Weaver ;
Hands and face and clothes likewise.
Will left that place with two black eyes.

From Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians, Sharp
Collected from Mrs. Kate Thomas, KY 1917
DT #345
Laws Q9

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