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Wilson Avenue Bump

Wilson Avenue Bump

Bob Pfeffer
SOURCE'S SOURCE: Julie Pfeffer
COMMENTS:        Refers to road conditions by the Wilson Ave. exit on US1
                 near Newark

  C               E    A                   D
When you drive on US 1, it's the getting there that's fun
You'll find the spot where the pavement's not
    D               G
So let that engine gun
           G   C
CHORUS:   Oh, do the bump, do the bump, do the Wilson Avenue bump

Just floor that pedal, hear the scrape of metal,
               D                G

And feel that Datsun jump

Those Toyotas, they tiptoe, where the asphalt sinks so low
Give the gas a stamp, zoom up the ramp
And through the air we'll go

Oh, in their li'l subcompact cars, flyin' at 60 miles an hour
The trucks all shun it, the cabs outrun it
But the imports hit the tar

Now if you are seeing red, about bashing up your head
Just shock-absorb it, bring it out of orbit
Be grateful you're not dead.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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