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Winnebagos on the Rampage

Winnebagos on the Rampage
(John Palme)

The sun comes up on a National Park in southern Utah
Chipmunks prepare for a day of being fed
Slowly the air is filled with starting engines
And the chipmunks and the rangers watch in dread
At those...

   Winnebagos on the rampage
   Rolling 'cross the postcard land
   Winnebagos on the rampage
   Searching for the souvenir stand

Mama's at the wheel, Junior reads the map
And Dad's in the rear, taking a nap
Yes, it's...

Well, the dinosaurs, the snow-kings -- we saw the last days of the army
They were parked by the road -- put away in trailer homes
But we who remember, we still tell the story
Of the days when the mo-biles ruled the roads
And we spelled it W-I-N-N-E-B-A-G-O, made in the U.S.

Copyright  John Palme

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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