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Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral
(Words and music by Geoff Stephens; Special lyrics by Homer & Jethro)

Winchester Cathedral - You're drivin' me mad
I don't know who sings it - But it's mighty sad
I'll really be glad when - This song disappears
It set music back now - At least fifty years.

Now everyone knows - Just how much we needed a hit
And now that it's done all I say - I hope that the world is ready for it
Winchester Cathedral - You're doin' me dirt
They finally wrote one - That we couldn't hurt.

From old London town came this song - There ain't any doubt
This English import - believe me
I know that we'll go on livin' without - da-dee-doo-dee
Winchester Cathedral - By now you have died
Tho' we didn't kill you - We certainly tried.

O-do-dee-o-do, O-do-dee-o-do, O-do-dee-o-do, dee-o-do.

Recorded by Homer and Jethro

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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