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When the Wind Blows

When the Wind Blows
(Eric Bogle)

The evening air lies heavy and sleep it still escapes me
A night where hope and courage are still-born
Outside the lurking shadows they press against my windows
And wait for the coming of the storm
        They dance, those shadows
        When the wind blows

The shadows are advancing over all the earth they're dancing
And everywhere they dance they shall bring death
All the priced and even pages that we've written through the ages
Shall vanish in the shadow's poisoned breath
        The story book will close
        When the wind blows

Suddenly I'm frightened, I wish this room were lightened
Can no-one light a candle in the dark
For I hear the sullen murmour of far-off threatening thunder
I feel its menace chill me to the heart
        Where can I hide, where can I go
        When the wind blows

There is no-one that can save you and nowhere you can run to
No shelter in a world that's gone insane
In this world that we created in our arrogance and hatred
Stand naked 'neath the gentle deadly rain
        There will be no rainbows
        When the wind blows

In the darkness I am trembling, this night seems never ending
It seems the morning sun will never rise
And the crashing of the thunder it split my head asunder
And lighting burs and heats into my eyes
        And oh how the darkness grows
        When the wind blows

In a thousand searing flashes the world shall turn to ashes
Whirling like a burning coal in endless space
This good earth we did inherit we shall leave a smoking desert
A headstone for the heedless human race
        To mark our final flows
        When the wind blows

Oh I must be dreaming for I thought I heard a screaming
Like a billion lost souls falling into hell
In a thousand tongues bewailing at indifferent fate a-railing
Each one calling on the saviour as they fell
        Shall we reap what we did sow
        When the wind blows

You can call upon your saviour it you think that is the answer
But you've called on him so many times before
Call on Allah, Buddah, Jesus, I doubt if they can hear us
For we let the devil loose, now hear his roar
        Hell shall overflow
        When the wind blows

recorded by Eric Bogle.
Copyright Larrikin Music)

"This song was inspired by the book of the same name by Raymond Briggs.
It's a chilling little book. I'd like to lend a copy to the world leaders,
it might frighten them. It certainly frightened me, and this song is
the result" - Eric Bogle

(The book was also made into an equally chilling animated movie)


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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