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Windy Old Weather or Fish of the Sea

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Windy Old Weather or Fish of the Sea

Come all you fishermen, listen to me
I'll sing you a song of the fish of the sea

  In this windy old weather
  Stormy old weather
  When the wind blows
  We'll all pull together

Up jumped the herring, the king of the sea
He sang out, "Oh skipper, you cannot catch me"

Up jumped the mackerel with spots on his back
He sang out, "Oh skipper, Come square your maintack"

Up jumped the cod with his great bulging eye
He sang out, "Oh skipper, your rig is too high"

Up jumped the sunfish, the smallest of all
 He sang out, "Oh skipper, come haul your trawl, haul"

Up jumped the crab with his great long claw
He sang out, "Oh skipper, you'll run her ashore"

Up jumped the flounder, lies flat on the deck
He sang out, "Oh skipper, don't step on my neck"

recorded by Dildine Family, MacColl

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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