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Wintertime in Washington

Wintertime in Washington
(Mark Cohen)

F             C
(CHO)    Wintertime in Washington

G           G7         C
         Snow on the mountains, rain on and on (and on)
           F                          C     Am
         A song and a fire keeps the chill away
               F         G      C
         On a Northwest winter day

 C                          F
Wind off the sound and the wild geese fly

Dm        G7
Clouds so low you can touch the sky
 C        F      C
Tall trees are green all the winter round
                                       G7         C
And you don't have to shovel when the rain comes down   (CHO)
That old woodstove, it wants another log
Look out the window, all you see is fog
Go for a walk, and the cool moist air
Puts a silence in your soul and a curl in your hair   (CHO)

New England winter's long and hard
Snowdrifts so deep you get lost in your yard
Here winter's bite isn't quite as harsh
And the cherry trees are blooming by the first of March   (CHO)

The sun's shining bright, it's the end of May
Sailboats are dancing across the bay
Feels like the summer's coming in
But the sky's turning cloudy and it's raining again  (CHO)

Copyright Mark Cohen 1986

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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