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Sir Eglamore

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Sir Eglamore

Sir Eglamore, that valiant knight
     Fa la, lanky down dilly
He took up his sword and he went to fight
     Fa la, lanky down dilly
And as he rode o'er Hill and Dale
All Armed with a coat of Male
     Fa la, la, la, la, la, lanky down dilly

There leap'd a Dragon outof her Den
That had slain God knows how many men
But when she saw Sir Eglamore
Oh that you had but heard her roar!

Then the trees began to shake,
Horses did tremble, Man did quake,
The birds betook them all to peeping
Oh! t'would have made one fall a-weeping.

But all in vain it was to fear
For now they fall to't, fight Dog, fight Bear
And to't they go and soundly fight
A live-long day from Morn to Night.

This Dragon had on a plaguey Hide
That cou'd the sharpest steel abide
No Sword cou'd enter her with cuts
Which vex'd the Knight unto the Guts.

But as in Choler he did burn,
He watch'd the Dragon a great good turn
For as a Yawning she did fall
He thrust his Sword up Hilt and all.

Then like a Coward she did fly
Unto her den which was haerd by;
And there she lay all night and roar's
The Knight was sorry for his Sword.
But riding away, he cries," I forsake it,
He that will fetch it, let him take it."

Child #18
From D'Urfey III, 1719-1720

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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