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Woman's Rights

Woman's Rights

Randolph-Ozark Folksong

There's very much trouble at present
Throughout the political ring,
The foreign affairs or domestic
Of which I am going to sing.
     Discussing the Silver Bell question
     Is keeping my husband out nights.
     He's mad if I happen to mention
     The subject we call Woman's Rights.


We're going to vote at the election
Oh Dear! How it'll trouble the men
The think that under woman's direction
They'll never hold office again.

He says we were never created
To govern, to rule or to vote.
He says we'll all go to destruction
When we get to steering the boat.
     But he knows he is misrepresenting
     For in fact he's ten thousand times said
     That women all govern their husbands
     Commencing the day they were wed.

He says we must shoulder a musket,
Must share with the men in their fights;
Must swear, play cards and drink whiskey
And that's what he calls Woman's Rights.
     But I don't give a fig for his growling
     I'll go to the polls if I can
     And I'll vote as I please, but to spite him,
     I'll vote for the handsomest man.

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