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Women of Dundee

Women of Dundee
(Sheena Wellington)

 Now the men they werena lazy, but the work was hard tae find
 The Parish and the Means Test they'd to face,
 But a lassie"s hands are nimble, and a lassie's wage is sma
 So the women o Dundee worked in their place.

Cho: And the wailin o the bummer and the clackin o the laims
     Brought the women o Dundee oot o their bed
     And they walked tae mills and factories
     And they rocht frae seevin tae fehv
     And the women kept the bairns o Dundee fed

 Now my mither an my granny an my aunties ain and a'
 Went tae the laims the day they left the skail
 They didna work for freedom, independence or the rest
 They jist worked tae get some kitchen tae their kail.

 Now the rhythm o their livin was the clackin o the laims
 Their youth an health an strength was lost tae jait
 But the weavers and the spinners and the winders o Dundee
 Had a spirit that the hard times never bait.

 Now you may boast a noble lineage and sing of your Highland clan
 And hail some gallant chief who shares your name
 But my line's as good as any and I'm very proud tae say
 It was fae a Dundee weaver that I came.

Glossary; Werena - were not.
Parish, Means Test - much hated forms of poor 'relief'.
sma - small.
Bummer - the mill horn which sounded at morning, midday & 5.30
laims - looms. Brocht- bought. rocht - worked.
fae seevin tae fehv - from seven till five,
a ten hour day. bairns - children. mither - mother.
ain and a - one and all.
skail - school. didna - didn't. jist - just.
kitchen tae their kail - bread with broth, i.e. a bare living
jait - jute. bait- beat.


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