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Wonderful Shoes

Wonderful Shoes
(Mark Cohen)

It's a silver Saturday morning and the clouds have rolled away
Mountains in the distance add a glory to the day
I'm swinging down the street, and singing to the sky
When I am nearly flattened by a bike that's passing by

The rider of the bicycle, she asks if I'm all right
She says she's very sorry that she gave me such a fright
With calm and gracious courtesy I tell her I'm OK
And she gets back upon her bike, prepared to ride away

But just as she's about to go, she looks me up and down
Then jumps right off her bicycle and lets it hit the ground
And looking deep into my eyes, she says in tones so sweet
"I know that you're the man for me, by the shoes upon your feet."

She slips her arm around my waist and whispers in my ear
"Those shoes of yours, they tell me that you're gentle and sincere
You care about this world of ours and want to make things right
Oh, will you come along with me and fill me with delight?"

Well, down the street that sunny day we wandered hand in hand
And my true love and I have had a life that's simply grand
And I will not regret, till they put me in a box
The day I happened to put on my brother's Birkenstocks

Copyright Mark Cohen 1986

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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