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The Woodpecker Song

The Woodpecker Song

Well it's early in the morn, in the morn
Baby when I rise, Lordy, mama
Well it's early in the morn a- baby when I rise
Well-a it's early in the morn the morn, baby when I rise, lordy mama
well it's early in the morn baby when I rise.

The peckerwood's a pecking on the, on the schoolhouse door , sugar
Well the peckerwood a-pecking on the, on the schoolhouse door
 well-a well the peckerwood a-pecking on the schoolhouse door, sugar,
well he pecks so hard lordy baby, until his pecker got sore well-a
Untill his pecker got sore Lord, sugar,  Well he peck so hard  lordy,
baby until his pecker got sore. etc, etc,etc.other verses  run with

Well-a whosoever told it, that he told a dirty lie
Well the egale on a dollar, quarter
he gonna rise and fly.

Well I ain't been to Georga , but I've been told
well-a women in a-Georga baby got a sweet jelly roll.

This woodpecker is a double cutting axe work song
Lomax got this I think in the 60's  on Parchman prison farm. BF


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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