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The Woodturners Love Song

The Woodturners Love Song
(Phyl Lobl)

 If I had a piece of Maple, white or red or pink,
 I'd turn you a set of chair legs, so you could set and think.
 And when you set and think, love, I hope you'll think of me;
 For I'd like to be there in you thoughts, if not in your company.

 If I had a piece of Coachwood, white & fine & pure,
 I'd turn you you a handle smooth & round; a handle for your door.
 And when I'd come to see you, you could make that handle spin,
 And open up the door , my love, and let your true love in.

 If I had a piece of Silky Oak, with even-textured grain,
 I'd turn you a lampstand for your light; a table tall & plain.
 And when you turn your light on, I hope it'll be for me;
 'Cause you're the light of my life-the only one for me.

 If I had a piece of Cedar, grain well shot with red
 I'd turn you a set of corner posts for a fine double bed.
 A bed for you to lie on with the one that you love best-
 But I hope you'll lie with me, love.and farewell all the rest.

 Well, I'm a turner-that's my trade.,as you can plainly see;
 But the I'd really like to do, is turn your heart to me.
 Alas, at that I have no skill, I never learned the art;
 And Cedar, Maple & Silky Oak, wont make a woman's heart.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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