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Old Woolie

Old Woolie

( ) C D7 G C / G C D7 / C G C / G D7 G

     Clear the beer from the table boys; it's well nigh time to

     And we'll all want to hear Mr Woolie pick and sing.
     Then a cat from Alabama got up and played his nose
     My didn't those old ale house walls ring.

G C G / G D7 / C G C G / G D7 G

An old cowboy picker blew into the bar last night
Said his name was Woolie, he was more than just half tight
Said he sang with the "Texas Playboys" back in '34
Then the proprietor got up and he locked the door

Played an old Hank Williams tune, just to warm his hand
Then he recollected some of those days with the Bob Wills band
Then he played a couple of country tunes, I don't believe we had
Just the same, we all stood and cheered.

Woolie's from Missouri, and he farms in Ioway
Drinks a case at night, because he drives a case all day
And that whole bar full of longhairs won't mind rememberins
The night they heard old Woolie pick and sing.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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