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My Sweet Wyoming Home

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My Sweet Wyoming Home
(Bill Staines)

There's a silence on the prairie that a man can't help but feel
There's a shadow growing longer now, a-nipping at my heels
I know that soon that old four-lane that runs beneath my wheels
Will take me home to my sweet Wyoming home

I headed down the road last summer with a few old friends of mine
The all hit the money, Lord, I didn't make a dime
The entrance fees they took my dough, the traveling took my time
And I'm headed home to my sweet Wyoming home

     Watch the moon smiling in the sky
     And hum a tune, a prairie lullaby
     Peaceful winds, an old coyote's cry
     A song of home, my sweet Wyoming home

     The rounders they all wish you luck
       when they know you're in a jam
     But your money's riding on the bull,
       and he don't give a damn

There's the shows in all the cities, but cities turn your heart
  to clay
It takes all a man can muster just to try and get away
The songs I'm used to hearing, they ain't the kind the jukebox
And I'm headed home to my sweet Wyoming home  (CHO)

Now I've always loved the riding, there ain't nothing quite the
An another year may bring the luck, the winning of the game
But there's a magpie on the fence rail, and he's calling out my
And he calls me home to my sweet Wyoming home  (CHO)

Copyright Bill Staines

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